Do You Have An Uptime Guarantee?

At Onra Host, we believe in the quality of our services. We only utilize the best servers, network equipment, and datacenters. However, occasionally issues outside of our control will prvent us from reaching our uptime guarantee.

We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

In the rare event we don’t meet our 99.99% uptime guarantee, we will provide a service credit based on the following schedule: 

Uptime PercentageService Credit
99.50% to 99.98% 50%
99.00% to 99.49% 70%
00.00% to 98.99% 100%

How To Request An SLA Credit

To request an SLA credit, please submit a ticket to Please attach any proof you have that there was downtime (reports from uptime monitoring tools, etc.). It can take up to 48 hours for an SLA credit to be issued.

How Is The 99.99% Calculated?

Our 99.99% uptime guarantee is based on a standard month, of 30.437 days. This will allow for a maximum of 4 minutes and 23 seconds of downtime per month.

Uptime Guarantee Limitations

Although we do take responsibility for most downtimes, there are a couple of circumstances where downtime credits will not be issued.

Scheduled Downtime. Although incredibly rare, there may be times when services need to be administratively shut down to perform upgrades, apply security patches, perform migrations, etc. We will typically give you a one-week notice prior to the scheduled downtime, however sometimes this will not be feasible. We will not issue SLA credits for downtime which is planned.

User Error. Any downtime directly related to something a client (or a party acting on that client’s behalf) will not be compensated. This includes, but is not limited to, PHP code errors, .htaccess file misconfiguration, or file deletion. Additionally, this includes any changes made to any unmanaged VPS.

Account Suspensions. If your account is suspended for any reason, the time for which it was suspended will not be subject to a credit.

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